MANUAL is a digital engagement engine for young men, built around on-demand, evidence-based content and live coaching with a diverse group of trained young men.

The standard MANUAL program is made up of two primary components surrounded by a system of nudges designed to consistently engage our users and drive real behavioral change.

Expert Content
The first is a growing library of high-quality video content featuring experts and influencers discussing important topics.
Personal Coaches
The second is access to our Men’s Guides, a diverse group of trained recent college graduates with a demonstrated history of peer mentorship. These guides provide real-time advice and guidance as to the use of the resources provided by our partners.

Surrounding these key components is an ecosystem of email updates, social media outreach and live events all designed through listening to our users, working with our team of experts and the institutional partners we work with.

University benefits

Student Research

A pre- and post-survey of students that utilize the platform, including over thirty validated questions.
Progress Reports

A comprehensive monthly progress delivered to each campus and selected leadership.
Campus Support

Ongoing support to each of our partner campuses by providing 1:1 dedicated support.

We pride ourselves on working alongside our partners to design programs that integrate seamlessly with their operations. We have modified our programs to populations and environments of many sizes and styles and with our aim focused on our mission, always work to satisfy the needs of our partnering institutions.

MANUAL Industry Experts

Security and Accessibility
MANUAL is deeply dedicated to platform security and accessibility. In addition to standard risk management protocols (e.g., insurance certificates per customer request, crisis protocols and mandatory sensitivity training for Men's Guides), we regularly conduct thorough security and accessibility reviews. The MANUAL platform has been evaluated using standard security assessments such as the HECVAT, and is committed to improving its scores on this and other assessments. We view platform security and accessibility as ongoing investments and prioritize improvements to these attributes alongside optimizations and new feature development.
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