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Inspire men to be the best versions of themselves

Growing up in Minnesota, like most places in our country, boys were discouraged from asking for help. That is my story. I struggled with mental illness throughout childhood and adulthood, eventually turning to alcohol and other self-destructive behaviors because I was so resistant to support.

Eventually, I received the help I needed. But I got lucky. Men in the U.S. are at significant risk to die by suicide and by overdose. Moreover, we’re dropping out of school at extremely high rates and hurting those in our communities.

We must do better. MANUAL CARE is on a mission to inspire men to become the best version of themselves.

Young men should be met where they are with the support to reach that aspiration, and our communities will all benefit by doing better by them. We know this can’t be done alone, and we hope you join us on this important journey.

- Matt Stefanko, CEO of MANUAL CARE
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