Our Mission

MANUAL is on a mission to inspire young men to become the best version of themselves.

Letter from the CEO

Growing up in Minnesota, like most places in our country, boys were discouraged from asking for help. That is my story. I struggled with mental illness throughout childhood and adulthood, eventually turning to alcohol and other self-destructive behaviors because I was so resistant to support.

Eventually, I received the help I needed. But I got lucky. Men in the U.S. are at significant risk to die by suicide and by overdose. Moreover, we’re dropping out of school at extremely high rates and hurting those in our communities.

We must do better. MANUAL CARE is on a mission to inspire men to become the best version of themselves.

Young men should be met where they are with the support to reach that aspiration, and our communities will all benefit by doing better by them. We know this can’t be done alone, and we hope you join us on this important journey.

- Matt Stefanko, CEO of MANUAL

MANUAL in the Media

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Interfraternity Councils and MANUAL

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The Founders

Matthew Stefanko


Matthew has spent his career developing evidence-based behavior changes strategies. As a man on his own personal development and mental health journey, MANUAL is the culmination of his experiences.

Dr. Justin Houman


Justin works with young men everyday as a men's health specialist. Serving more often as a “therapist” than a urologist, Justin is well positioned to expand MANUAL’s offerings to millions of men.

The Team

Karl Morand

Product & Engineering

Karl is an experienced startup product and engineering leader. He has worked with numerous startups in regulated B2B and B2C markets, working both as an individual contributor and team leader.

Bryson Martin

Men's Guide

Bryson is a recent graduate of the Integrated Life Sciences Honors College at the University of Maryland. His goal is to support and guide young men on their journey to self-improvement and healthy living. He enjoys lifting and focusing on healthy eating.

Erica Wang

Head of Business Operations

Erica has expertise in healthcare, strategy and operations. She is passionate about expanding access to mental health resources through de-stigmatization and education. In her free time, she enjoys running, reading, and cooking.

Erick Peña

Head of Student Success

Erick has spent his career helping young men navigate their lives. He has been trained in Mental Health First Aid and LivingWorks ASIST. As a man who participates in therapy himself, his personal experiences help him serve young men on a daily basis for MANUAL.

Men’s Success in Higher
Education Panel

Dr. Robert Pack
Executive Vice Provost, East Tennessee State University
Dr. Charnequa Kennedy
Director of Counseling Services at North Carolina Central University
Dr. Brandon Joseph
Director of Student Resilience, Western Washington University
Dr. Danny Molock
Director, Student Life & Development, Morgan State University
Archie Messersmith
CEO, Archie Cares
Clint Coulter
Director of Greek Life, Samford University
Ryan Anderson
Assistant Director, Health and Wellness Promotion, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis