Help your students
go further

MANUAL is an innovative men’s resource and engagement engine, thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of men.

Partnering with academic institutions to engage
and inspire the men they serve, breaking down
the stigma around seeking help and increasing
the utilization of available services.

MANUAL was designed by public health professionals, behavior change
experts, and higher education professionals to improve the academic
outcomes and overall wellbeing of young men on your campus. Through
targeted communication and evidence-based tactics, we effectively bridge
the gap between the services and support provided by our partners and the
male-indentifying students who so often attempt to push ahead on their own.

Trusted Partners

MANUAL partners with 30+ organizations and tens of thousands of young men.

We are proud to serve a diverse range of clients that recognize the unique challenges involved in connecting with and inspiring young men today. These institutions include colleges and universities, fraternities, high schools, businesses, and trade organizations.


Why Men

Young men are struggling in their transition to adulthood.

4x more likely to
die by suicide

3x more likely to
die by overdose

71% of the decline of recent college enrollment

MANUAL’s Efficacy1









1Data from IRB approved research study authored by Indiana University

From Our Partners

“MANUAL packages content in a way that affirms men’s experiences, and serves as an ear and voice of reassurance, which advance men’s health literacy. From my perspective, this combination is both unique and needed in our field.”

Dr. Steven M. Rissman
Professor/Naturopathic Physician
Dept. of Health Professions
Metropolitan State University of Denver

“The MANUAL Care Team have been exceptional at serving out its mission, “Inspire men to be the best versions of themselves.” As simple as that may read, MANUAL’s approach to inspiring men to be the best versions of themselves is more than what most universities, businesses, and corporations are currently doing. This simple yet extremely informative platform MANUAL operates is a service that is needed and should be highly considered for all institution types, businesses, and small-large corporations.”

Clint Coulter, M.Ed. Director of Greek Life
Greek Life Samford University

The support that MANUAL provides has been invaluable for my mental well-being and has provided me with direction and comfort in the stressful and hectic lives I and almost every other college student have. As a result, I have seen personal growth in mindfulness, stress management tools, and maturity when facing career paths and other major personal decisions. I strongly recommend MANUAL, and I assure you that your colleges’ male students will greatly benefit from MANUAL’s services as a bridge between them and your campus’s services.

Will Fracchia, President of the University of Alabama
Interfraternity Council

Our Partners on Campus

Student Affairs

We specialize in supporting those focused on nurturing student life on their campus. Administrators who  oversee areas relating to things such as athletics and student clubs and organizations; student engagement; health and counseling; spiritual and religious life; and multicultural affairs.
Fraternity Leadership and Administrators

Directors of fraternity life or the leaders of the national fraternities themselves. MANUAL programs are a valuable tool to assist in the development of communities and organizations focused on nurturing the development of better men.
Health and Wellness
Promotion Leaders

We are proud to partner with those managing the leadership for well-being staff, programs and services on campus. Many institutions are developing high-quality services in this area and MANUAL serves as a useful tool to engage those who might not otherwise utilize these services.
High Schools

We are proud to partner with high schools at the forefront of the movement to better understand and remedy the crisis young men find themselves in today. As we move forward to develop new content, programming and services to serve a younger age group we are excited to find institutions interested in putting in the work to help these boys before their issues become something more.

Ready to engage and inspire students on your campus?