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MANUAL CARE is an innovative men’s resource and engagement center, thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of men
Untreated mental illness
4 million young men have a mental illness, but only 1 in 3 receive any mental health services
Mismatched providers
50% of men want a male therapist but 76% of therapists are female
Decreased enrollment
Men represent 78% of those dropping out since the start of COVID

is bringing solutions to campus

Our mission is to inspire men to be the best version of themselves.
In doing so, we aim to:
Increase college graduation rates
Encourage more men to ask for help
Create a flourishing campus community where healthy men are part of the solution, not a part of the problem

How We Do It

On-demand, evidence-based content on critical wellness topics
We’re answering the tough questions men aren’t talking about. From career questions to mental health, addiction and consent, our platform provides full access to 250+ videos from industry experts addressing men’s biggest questions.
Anonymous peer engagement
When you need someone to talk to, MANUAL’s guides are there. Our guides are trained, recent college graduates who are available 24/7. Moreover, all engagement is reviewed by a clinical team of men's health specialists.
Live learning
We host anonymous livestreams led by industry experts covering high-priority topics for campus administration and students.

Our programming is designed utilizing student feedback and supplements our existing content.
Purpose   -   Sexual Health   -   Fitness   -   Mental Health   -   Career   -   Sleep   -   Nutrition   -   Relationships   -   Substances    -
Purpose   -   Sexual Health   -   Fitness   -   Mental Health   -   Career   -   Sleep   -   Nutrition   -   Relationships   -   Substances

University Benefits

Student Research
A pre- and post-survey of students that utilize the platform, including over thirty validated questions.
Progress Reports
A comprehensive monthly progress delivered to each campus and selected leadership.
Campus Support
Ongoing support to each of our partner campuses by providing 1:1 dedicated support.

Praise for MANUAL CARE

MANUAL provides a service that meets a market need head on. Until MANUAL, there was not a men’s health platform that took the best strategies for engagement from social media and podcasts and combined them with evidence-based, research informed data and expertise.

Senior University Administrator
… men think they are tough, and they don't need help. That's what I was taught. Hearing about MANUAL coming to campus is awesome. Men don't have to do the Google search. They can see the chat and see what other people are going through and they are not the only one.

University Student

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